Get Involved… Feel Better

Race Against PH 2009 participantsPHA believes that every person whose life has been touched by pulmonary hypertension has the right to fight back as much or as little as their health and interest allow. PHA has the obligation to build programs that make that possible.

This philosophy is brought to life in everything PHA does. We offer almost limitless opportunities for patients and their family members to get involved with PHA in ways that are most meaningful to them.

Advocate. If your passion is to help ensure that Members of Congress know why legislation that positively impacts the lives of PH patients is so important — from research to public awareness and more — we have countless tools, tips and tricks for you!

Raise awareness. Touch another’s life by educating your community or by sharing your story with the media. Spreading the word about pulmonary hypertension might just help someone you don’t even know achieve an early diagnosis.

Fundraise. PHA provides programs that so many have come to depend on with the support of our community. Our fundraising programs offer you the chance to get involved, raise awareness and support a wide range of services for our community.

Volunteer. It’s a rare volunteer who doesn’t say they get back more than they give through volunteerism. Whether you want to help out from time-to-time or lead a support group on an ongoing basis, we can help you put your time and talent to good use.

Why get involved?

From members of our community:

“This lobbying business has been really good for me. It has brought a sense of purpose back into my life. I’m getting excited about waking up in the morning again.” – Patient & Advocate Charlotte McCabe

“Even here in my small-town, rural area there are plenty of opportunities to keep spreading the word… if I can even help just one more person, that’s all I hope for.” Patient & Awareness-raiser Theresa Stah

“I went on PHA’s website and looked at the online fundraising program and thought, ‘I can do this.’ People wanted to help and I wanted to give them a way.” Fundraiser Tony Lahnston

“Working with the support group gives me a sense of still being useful. It is rewarding to know that what you have done is helping someone else.” Patient & Support Group Leader Cindy Pickle