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Adult Pulmonary Hypertension Programs

The PH Care Centers initiative of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association seeks to identify Centers with expertise in pulmonary hypertension that have demonstrated an ability to properly diagnose the disease and have the capability to manage these complex patients. Each accredited Center has opened its doors to a site review conducted by a PH physician and coordinator selected for their expertise in the field.

Applications for the PH Care Centers initiative are currently being accepted. The application process for PH programs is very robust, taking approximately six months to complete. Applications are processed in the order in which they were received. Please note that applications for Regional Clinical Programs will not be accepted until Q3 2017. Applicant programs will be sent notification regarding a specific date.

If your program or provider is not listed below, you may discuss the status of potential PHCC application with your health care team.

Accredited Centers of Comprehensive Care Accredited Centers of Comprehensive Care
PHAR-participating accredited Centers of Comprehensive CarePHAR-participating accredited Centers of Comprehensive Care
Accredited Regional Clinical ProgramsAccredited Regional Clinical Programs
PHAR Participating Accredited Regional Clinical ProgramsPHAR Participating Accredited Regional Clinical Programs