Raise Funds and Awareness to Support PHA’s Mission During Awareness Month This November

November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month and 2021 is the 30th Anniversary of PHA’s founding. Both of these present a great opportunity to raise money needed to fund the mission of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA), and to raise awareness of PH. PHA has made it easy to get involved! Here are some virtual fundraising events taking place in communities across the U.S. throughout November.

PHA has an option for everyone to get involved during Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month. Participate in a virtual fundraising event, create an online fundraising webpage or donate.

Create an online fundraising webpage!
Fundraising events throughout November

Fundraising for PHA Events Through Email and Social Media

Personal outreach to your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and others in your social network will truly make a difference in helping to raise money to support the mission and vision of PHA. And raising money can be as easy as copying and pasting a message into an email or onto a social media page.

Tips for Crafting a Fundraising Email

  • 55 percent of people view their emails on a mobile device.
  • 80 percent of people will only scan their emails, so use concise language to get your message across.
  • Craft a catchy subject line: research shows that you get only about three seconds to grab someone’s attention.
  • Speak from the heart: Your friends and family will better connect with your message if you share why you are fundraising to support PHA.
  • If you would like to include information about PH or PHA, use our website as a source. We recommend viewing the following pages:
  • About Pulmonary Hypertension
  • About PHA

Sample Email

We encourage you to craft your own email, but if you need a little inspiration, here is a template that you can customize any way you like:

Dear friends and family,

As some of you may know, I am participating in the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) [Event name] to benefit people living with pulmonary hypertension (PH), which is characterized as high-blood pressure in the lungs that puts unbearable stress on the heart. This life-threatening disease can affect any one at any time and has no cure.

For me, signing up for this event was a personal decision. I am a member of the PH community because [insert connection to PH community]. In addition to attending the event, I have committed myself to raising a total of $[insert goal amount] to support the search for a cure and better quality of life for those living with PH.

But, I cannot do this alone. Can I count on your support? You can donate at my personal fundraising page: [URL to fundraising page]

With gratitude,
[Your name]

Tips for Crafting Social Media Fundraising Messages

Social media is a free and easy way to fundraise that also educates people about living with PH:

  • Post meaningful, engaging content that persuades your audience to participate.
  • Include a clear call to action — such as donating to your fundraising page.
  • Share why people should care about your event.
  •  Imagery can help your content stand out among the clutter of other posts.

If you need help getting started on crafting messages, please feel free to use, or be inspired by, our sample messages provided here.

Sample Facebook Posts

  • Did you know that pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a rare, life-threatening disease with no cure that causes high blood pressure in the lungs? Support the PH community by donating to my personal fundraising page. Your support will help the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) phight back by providing support and education for those who are living with this disease as well as their physicians and caregivers.  Click here to contribute: [URL link to personal fundraising page] #PHAwarenessmonth #PHAssociation
  • I have been living with a rare, life-threatening disease called pulmonary hypertension (PH) for [length of time]. This disease causes high blood pressure in my lungs, making it difficult for me to breathe. It also puts undo pressure on my heart, making it work extra hard. While there is no cure for this devastating disease, you can help me phight back by contributing to my personal fundraising page. [URL link to personal fundraising page] #PHAwarenessmonth #PHAssociation
  • My [relation to PH patient] has been living with pulmonary hypertension (PH) for the past [length of time]. [She/he] has difficulty doing simple, daily activities because having PH puts undue stress on [her/his] heart and lungs, making it hard for [her/him] to breathe. There is no cure for this devastating disease, but you can help us phight back by contributing my personal fundraising page. [URL link to personal fundraising page] #PHAwarenessmonth #PHAssociation

Sample Tweets

  • Help raise awareness for a rare, life-threatening disease called pulmonary hypertension by donating to my personal fundraising page. [URL link to personal fundraising page] #PHAwarenessmonth #PHAssociation
  • Want to know how you can support the search for curing pulmonary hypertension (PH)? Donate to my personal fundraising page! [URL link to personal fundraising page] #PHAwarenessmonth #PHAssociation
  • Help me raise awareness & funds for a cure for #PH by donating to my personal fundraising page! [URL link to personal fundraising page] #PHAwarenessmonth #PHAssociation
  • Raise money to help find a cure for pulmonary hypertension. Donate today at URL link to personal fundraising page] #PHAwarenessmonth #PHAssociation

Remember, you are engaging your own personal social network and not strangers, so you know best how to reach them. Make your posts and tweets personal and customize when you can!

Fundraising for PHA Events

Fundraise Online

Fundraise OnlineA fundraising page with your story is a great way to help friends, family and coworkers understand what it means to live with PH, and it gives them a way to offer their support. Creating a personal fundraising webpage is simple and doesn’t require technical knowledge. Create an online fundraising webpage! 

Attend a Virtual Event

Organize an EventThere are events that take place across the United States throughout the year to raise much-needed funds to support the programs and services of PHA. View PHA’s Events Calendar to find a virtual event near you.

Contact Us:

PHA has a network of volunteer mentors and a full-time staff member dedicated to helping you make your fundraising efforts a success.

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